This is based on individual interests and abilities. Activities have included but are not limited to exercise, concerts, shopping, crafts, drive in the country, trip to dairy queen and the library. Individual help available with activities such as needlework, sewing, etc.


Home cooked, well balanced meals, breakfast, lunch and dinner served daily. Snacks are provided between meals. Special diets are figured into meal planning.

Personal Care

Individual care is given based on personal needs. Assistance with daily activities such as bathing, dressing, eating, etc. Haircuts and permanents are available at an additional cost.


Daily straightening. Rooms are cleaned weekly or as needed. Linens are cleaned weekly or daily if needed.


Laundry is done daily. Resident clothes and linens are washed separately. Ironing is done on site.


Each resident will receive complimentary monthly transport to a doctor. Scheduled transportation available.


Daily assistance with medication as prescribed by a doctor. We manage refills through your choice of pharmacy.

Fequently Asked Questions

What is a residential care home?

A Residential care home is usually located within a residential neighborhood and is an alternative to a nursing home. There are caregivers on duty that help residents with everyday activities.
They provide meals, bathing, cleaning, laundry services, medication supervision and help with everyday living activities.

Can I visit my Mom?

We have an open door policy. Family and friends of residents are welcome to visit within reasonable hours.

Can I take my Mom out to eat?

Yes, or to the mall, movies, church, etc.

Can we hang pictures on the wall?

Residents are encouraged to hang pictures and personalize their room during their stay.

Do you provide snacks?

Snacks are available throughout the day.

Do you provide transportation to doctors appointments?

Transportation will be provided for one appointment a month. Any appointments after that will be provided for a reasonable fee.

Do you care for residents until the final days?

Many residents live at The Spear Home until they pass. With the help of a hospice service of the families choice we are able to keep your loved one comfortable until their final days.

What if my mom watches TV at night or needs help getting to the restroom?

We have a caregiver that is awake all night to help your loved one stay safe at night. Residents are permitted to watch TV or move about in a way that will not disturb the other residents.